Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fall is in the air

There a little hint of fall chill in the air at night and in the morning, but the real indication of fall around our house is when you smell the sweet hot pickles we make year. It takes about 2 weeks to do them, starting out in a salt water brine. This is a recipe my mom got from my Aunt Letha (she was our landlord in San Francisco) who ran a catering business. They are sweet pickles with onions and one jalapeno in the jar. The last step is to add green food coloring, which makes some people wonder why we eat them. I tried orange pickles one year and nobody would eat them. They just have to be green. People usually think we are crazy -- but once you try them you are addicted. They're the best on a cracker with cheese and pepperoni. We always eat them for lunch when camping or when we are playing card games. I must confess, I used to be the one in our house who made them -- then about 5-6 years ago my husband took over the pickle making. He's does such a good job that it's now his job forever!


Nedra said...

A husband who cans? Lucky you!!!

Sandy Buffington said...

I used to work with someone who would can dill beans. Sounds gross, but they are yummy.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm... Pickles. I remember skinning all those small little pickling onions for mom. What a pain! But boy they taste good all pickled up. Were Jalepenos always part of the recipe? I don't remember those in the ones mom used to make.

Nann-0 said...

I'm lusting as I look at the finished product. Guess one year I will have to give in and try to can them. They can't be any harder than lime pickles.

Can't wait to see what you do with your fabric finds from last night.

MYRA said...

OK, OK my mouth is watering now...Stop it! 8-)
They sound delish, and extra delish when a hubby makes them...for ever! 8-)

Nann-O said...

Since you have not started your list of things about you, I will.

1. You are a great practical joker/prankster
2. You have a shy, but funny sense of humor
3. You have a great panache in decorating your home
4. You can pick out fabrics that go together and not just from the same line
5. You spoil two dogs during the day
6. You always have some little thing you have made and can give someone when they come over
7. You have a tender spot for others who are in need
8. You can remember lines out of movies and use them at the most appropriate times!!
9. You let two of your grandkids sleep over frequently
10. You visit your parents more often than they visit you.
11. You can take a birthday gag...
12. You support your kids and will go with them when they need you
13. You love jewelry, especially your birthstone
14. You keep young with funky hair cuts and color (And I love and envy that)
15. You are the mother of two teenagers!!

Okay so you are more than 25% done. So, now it's time for the other women in your life to add some more...