Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Humanitarian Project

Our church is doing a humanitarian project this week. I just found out about it on Sunday, but still was able to do a few receiving blankets and a baby gown on Monday and Tuesday. I bought some cloth diapers, diaper pins, etc. for the kits. I had heard once that in some countries they are so poor that they often have to wrap their new babies in newspaper. I can't even imagine how hard that would be. And cloth diapers?? I used cloth for my first 2 kids -- not fun (my age is showing!). There were disposable diapers then, but most people still used cloth. I think I'm going to try to get some more gowns sewn -- it was so easy. I think it would be fun to get together with my sisters and mom and sew a bunch up.

As I was sewing I was thinking about how fortunate we are and how good it felt to be doing something to help someone else. It was hard to imagine that something I sewed would benefit a baby half a world away. I must say that it got rid of my summer blahs completely.

If anyone is interested, here is a link to the pattern for the gown and list of supplies needed:,19749,6208,00.html


Nedra said...

I've been having my young women do some humanitarian projects too. Thanks for posting the web site!

Tracy said...

That's way cool. I have Friday afternoon off. (i'm MOD this weekend) If you have it off and want to, i could help sew more. I think that the nighgown is very cute!

Megan said...

I think it is so much fun to make things for other people! I am learning to nit in activity days, and I am going to get my own needles! I learned the actual nit stich, and I might learn to pearl!