Saturday, September 20, 2008

Two More Quilts

This dinosaur quilt -- I'm not too crazy about. I did it in a hurry and didn't have enough of the panel. Oh well, it's done.

This wall hanging is my sisters. I'm cheating and counting it as a quilt -- but I'm still not going to make it to 5 quilts this week. I thought that I would have more time for quilting this week but work sure cuts into my quilting time!! On Thursday we did a batch of chili sauce -- which took about 5 hours because it had to cook so long. While cooking it and having the kitchen so hot, my swamp cooler motor got real hot, was smoking and smelling like burning wires. So we had to turn it off and suffer in the heat! I'm determined to get central air next year.
It's BOM today at the local quilt store. I did these up last night -- mine and my daughter's.


Nedra said...

I think you should be proud to have finished two! Two more than most of us can say!

MYRA said...

Hey! You finished two and that's great! Are you talking about Finn's finish 5? If so, you have till New Years, and it does not mean full quilts. Any form of UFO when done is considered as one done! I've managed my third as of yesterday, and will take a break from UFOs for a couple of weeks...
We can only do what we can because life DOES get in the way. LOL!
Happy stitchings!

jamie said...

Thanks for making my block :) I love the dino quilt its so cute!!