Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy weekend

I got the Halloween quilt done last night. Mark that one off the list!
I made a little sewing kit from a tutorial on Myra's blog from the middle of September. You'll enjoy looking at her quilts, projects, tutorials, and such as you scroll down to it!! You just use a hot pad from the dollar store. I used it last night when I was binding my quilt and it was so handy.
I'm making this Santa to give as neighbor gifts this year. They work up really fast. It's from one of Nancy Halverson's books. I hope to have them done by mid November since December is always so busy.
On Saturday I went on the Shop Hop with my Mom and 2 of my sisters. We had a blast! It's fun to see what fabric and projects we each end up with. Now we need to have a sewing day to get some of them done. I would have loved to go to more stores -- but I had to work that afternoon.

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MYRA said...

I love your Halloween quilt!!! Awesome project!!! Did you do you loop-de-loop quilting on your small home machine, and did you do it free-motion? Looks great! 8-)

Hey! You made a little sewing kit! Good for you, and thanks for the plug to my blog!!! They make nice little gifties... 8-)

Your Santa there is a great idea for bottle gifts...?...I have some of Nancy's patterns...?...I wonder if I have that pattern?

Happy stitchings!