Sunday, December 28, 2008

It was a Merry one!

Christmas was a good one here at our house. As a child my Dutch Grandma Ann would give us a chocolate letter for our name. It's a Dutch tradition that made our Christmas special. Last year I decided to give them to our family and they loved it so much that it's now a tradition they look forward to. Nothing like good Dutch chocolate...mmmm.
I made bears for each of my kids this year (see previous posts). This multicolored one is Jaycee's.
The grandkids are the highlight of my Christmas. Kids are so easy to please and so fun to watch at Christmas. I had taken so many pictures of Eden that she was getting annoyed with me. I had to laugh at this face she pulled -- and yes I still took more!

Brandon looks a little sleepy here. He usually has a big grin from ear to ear.
Jayda is checking out Jaycee's phone. It's so nice to have Jaycee around. The grandkids just love her! That makes it so much easier to tend them.
Yes -- I got my camera from my kids. Jamie picked out a purple one (my favorite color) and I am so excited with it. I've been reading the manual trying to figure it all out. Sometimes technology is too much for me. I'm amazed at how something so little can do so much.


Nedra said...

It looks like you had a nice Christmas. And I agree-- it's fun to get a new camera, but I feel like I need a college course to understand how to use it.

Sandy Buffington said...

Yum! I love dutch chocolate.

Dena said...

I was feeding my grandchildren part of my dutch chocolate letter telling them about Grandma Ann. I hope 40 years from now they tell their grandchildren where the tradition came from! I'm glad you all had a good Christmas.