Sunday, July 12, 2009

Busy being grandma....

Jack snoozing away. I just love to watch him sleep.
I made crocheted hats for my son-in-law a few years ago. I came across the yarn the other day and there was just enough to make one to match for Jack. Makes him look like a little man.
Eden playing with her car. She'll make a good playmate for her little brother soon.

She was making a poster to put on her lawn for free kitties. Jaycee wants to bring one home, but I'm not in agreement -- too allergic to those fuzzballs!
Here he is with his eyes open.
Brandon on July 4th. He wasn't very enthusiastic about posing for a picture for me. He stopped just long enough for me to take it and then was off running again.

He had fun with the sparklers.
Jayda with Grandpa.
I think she was worn out by this time from the picnics and the heat. Such a cute little bug!
I need to get back to my sewing room. It's been nice taking a bit of time to be with the grandkids.

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Nedra said...

Love the "Jack hat". Aren't grandkids the BEST?