Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy belated birthday Mom

I'm behind in everything lately it seems. My Mom' birthday was last week and I wanted to wish her Happy Birthday. As a teenager no one wants to grow up and be like their mom. I remember the day when one of Mom's neighbors said to me "You quilt just like your mom." It was the best compliment she could have ever given me. Hey, it's not so bad to be like your mom after all. When I think of home as a child I can hear Mom's Singer sewing machine going 90 miles an hour and her sewing clothes or a quilt project. She sewed almost all of our clothes (even underwear!). We had a big front room in our Springville home, and I think there was a quilt up most of the time. I remember playing under the quilt while she quilted away, often with a few ladies from our ward. When I got old enough she taught me to hand quilt. She used to tell me I had pretty little stitches and ask me to quilt with her. I think she did it just to get me to help!
She raised 8 kids as a stay at home mom. We always woke up to good hot breakfast before we headed off to school. Two days a week she did laundry to keep up with the mountains of dirty clothes we produced. There were would 8 piles of laundry neatly folded on the counter. We had to put our away before we could eat dinner. Saturday was chore day. We all had to pitch in and do a major housecleaning job before we could do anything else that day. It taught us the value of hard work and a clean house. I didn't realize all that she did for me growing up until I became a mom. It's not easy keeping a house going. I love you Mom!!
Here's my latest quilt project in this post. I've had this fat quarter bundle for a while and finally found a pattern I liked to go with it. I didn't have enough fabric for the back, and I was trying to be frugal, so I pieced green and cream blocks to go up the middle. I love the way it turned out.

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Dena said...

No wonder I've always looked up to you. You are so eloquent in what you write. You take me right back to our childhood. Thanks for putting in words how I feel, too. I love you.