Thursday, June 24, 2010

Making Memories

Gary spent last week fixing up an old truck that Jonny gave him. (Gary traded his truck in on the Explorer in January). It’s nice to have a truck again. Runs really good. He cleaned it inside and out. Got new tires. Flushed and cleaned the radiator We decided to take it 4-wheeling last weekend. Loaded up the trailer and headed up Spanish Fork Canyon. We got as far as the first Spanish Fork exit. It was running hot. Gary called Jonny who was following us in our car and told him we were pulling off because the truck was running hot. Then KABOOM! The radiator blew.

DSCN3275 So Jonny, Bek, and I drove back home and got his truck, went back and hooked up the trailer and off we went. Jaycee got it right. She said you can say “Remember that time we went 4-wheeling?” They all seem the same. If you say “Remember that time we went 4-wheeling and the radiator blew? Well there you have a memory.” We didn’t let it ruin the day. We still went and had fun.

DSCN3321 When we go I try not to drink anything that morning. I try not to drink much when we ride. I hate having to take my roll of TP and head off to the trees!! Jon, Bek, and Jaycee wear the Camelpacks when we ride. Jaycee drank all of her water and refilled her pack with a couple bottles of water. I said to her “You’re going to have to pee like a racehorse!” She replied “No I won’t. Teenage bladder!” Uggg…this getting old is no fun!

DSCN3429 At the trailhead they had a bunch of cattle ready to take up the canyon for summer grazing. Jaycee and I went to look at them. The momma cows started mooing at us, afraid that we were there to take their babies. After a couple of minutes they were all mooing so loud we had to leave. It was funny what a ruckus we started. DSCN3433

Thank goodness we were through with our ride by the time the horses and cowboys arrived to start herding them up the canyon.

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