Friday, November 5, 2010

Too much purple???

I hate to post pictures of myself...but here it goes.  I got my hair done last week.  Jaycee came with me and mentioned to my hairdresser, Holly, that I needed some purple in my hair.  Well...purple is Holly's favorite color too.  It was a done deal.  She got out her box of hair extensions and went to work
I LOVE it.  Love the purple.  But I'm getting the weirdest looks or else a thumb's up.  Is this a mini midlife crisis??  Did I take my love of purple too far this time?  Oh, what the heck?  It's not permanent like a's just hair.  I've always been a little crazy with my hair spiking it and trying different colors.  Well, this is definitely the wildest yet. 

 We bought this walker for the days that I help with Katelynn while Jodi is at work.  Her legs are far from reaching the floor on the lowest setting...but she loves it.  She get's so excited to play with all the toys on the tray.  I dread the day those little legs hit the floor.  She'll be all over the house then.  The more grandkids we get the more baby equipment we have been buying.
This is Mr. Remote.  He's been keeping me company at night lately, tucked in bed right beside me.  Gary's mom has been having some health problems so he's been spending nights at their house to help his dad take care of her.  I thought I would sleep so good with the king size bed all to myself and Mr. Remote.  No so.  Funny how hard it is to sleep without him here.


irslan2u said...
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Rachelle said...

i LOVEEE the purple hair! looks great! i say keep it. you are soo gorgeous1 and the remote tucked in bed...that made me laugh so hard i woke my husband up. i'm lying at the end of the bed on my laptop because he is snoring keeping me up...haha. i'd much rather be in bed with a tucked in remote right now. haha!

Micki said...

The purple does it for sure. I love it and you look great in it!

Nann said...

The purple looks great and is so like you!! What fun. (Baylee wold be jealous) Hope that Marion starts to improve.