Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cristin's Wedding

 My niece got married yesterday.  The reception was beautiful.  Her colors were yellow and gray.  I took my camera but I was so busy visiting I didn't get a picture of the bride and groom. I did take a picture of a picture.  I have to say that they are such a cute couple.  We really like her new husband, Brennen.  We're so glad to have him join our family.
 My mom made this beautiful quilt for them.  She machine pieces and then hand quilts one for each grandchild and then does a tied quilt also.  Something for them to always treasure.
 BrookLynn looked so grown up.  I can't believe she turns 2 in a few weeks.  She was having fun dancing to the music.  She got so jealous when Papa was holding Katelynn.  He had to hold her too.  It was so cute.  I think Papa was tickled!
  My sister, Dena, and her family came up from Las Vegas for the wedding.  It was sooo good to see all of them.  This is my niece's (Sandy) daughter, Parker, and Katelynn (my Jodi's daughter).  Guess that makes them second cousins.  We decided that they look a lot alike.  Such beautiful girls.  It seems like yesterday that our kids were this age.  Can't believe that we are the grandma's now.
 There was dancing at the end of the reception.  Brandon was so cute dancing with his cousin.  My camera wasn't cooperating....Argg!  Every picture of took of them dancing it was blurry.  You can tell that he's used to helping out with his sisters and is good with kids.  Just don't tease him about girlfriends.  I got "the look" when I did.   
 This is my oldest, Jared, and my youngest, Jaycee.   She wanted her picture taken with her cotton candy.  Of course her brother couldn't resist sneaking in behind her.  She laughed so hard when I showed her the picture.  
This is going to be a busy summer with family weddings, 50th anniversary celebrations, and reunions.  


Sandy Buffington said...

I loved seeing everyone! I miss your family so much!

Anonymous said...

Thnx for sharing! I've been wanting to know how it all went. Pam