Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dressing Up a Shirt with Fabric FLowers

 I got this idea when I saw this tutorial on how to make a purse with old T-shirts and rolled flowers.  I thought it would be a cute idea to try on a shirt.  This striped knit caught my eye when I was searching through my stash.
 I cut it in about 2-3 inch strips.
 For fabric rolled flowers you want the cut or torn edge of the fabric to show to add dimension.  For the knit I wanted the edges in and not showing as I rolled the fabric.  I folded each side of the fabric into the middle and then tied knot in the end to start the flower.
 Then you put a dab of hot glue on the knot and twist the fabric then place on the glue.  Keep putting a line of hot glue and then twist your fabric and lay it on the glue.  You want to remember to twist your fabric in the same direction each time.  I don't twist the fabric too tight or too loose.  Just play around with your twisting and see what you like for your flowers.
 The knot makes a nice little handle to hold onto as you make your flower.  Try to keep the flower as flat as possible as you make it.  Also, be careful to put your glue lower on the flower so it doesn't show when you attach the rolled fabric.   
 When the flower is the size you want it, cut the fabric leaving a little tail that you fold and glue to the underside of the flower.  Then glue the knot down to the underside of your flower.
 I have this brown knit shirt that I wanted to dress up.  Also, I wanted the flowers to help cover more skin....not a fan of low necklines.  I made different sizes of flowers and laid them out on the shirt  until I liked how it looked.  Then I hot glued them on being careful not to get glue on the back of the shirt.
 I'm hoping it washes okay.  I'll wash in cold and hang it up to dry.  Another option would be to use the Goop glue to glue the flowers to the shirt.  Anyway....I really love how it turned out. 

P.S.  I watched The Voice while I made the flowers.  So excited that Dia Frampton from St. George, Utah is advancing on.  My next favorite is Vicci Martinez.  I predict they will both be in the final round!

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Myra said...

Cute idea for dressing up you top Carrie! 8-)