Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tiered Dessert Tray

 This is a fun project I did a few months ago and finally got to use it for Katelynn's party last week.  I saw a couple different tutorials on line.  I didn't bookmark the sites to refer you to....but it's super easy so I can explain it.

 You need a big glass serving tray, a smaller glass plate, and a glass candlestick holder or glass cup.  I didn't have anything at home that would work so we took a trip to DI (local thrift store).  I couldn't find a candlestick holder but this sugar shaker caught my eye.  
 The top plate is from a set of reception dishes...the kind they used to use back when I got married.  I remember helping at wedding receptions and washing plates and cups for hours so they could keep serving refreshments.  Thank goodness for cute disposable plates from Sams!!  Wash them in your dishwasher.  Toss the sugar shaker metal lid in the trash.

 I used Goop glue.  You can also use Gorilla Glue.  Glue around the bottom of the sugar shaker and then put it on the large plate.  Then glue around the top of the sugar shaker and attach the small plate.  Let dry for 24 hours.  I have to admit that the next morning I was anxious to shake it and make sure it stayed together.  Amazing glue!  I think it would be fun to make a few to use at weddings or parties. 

I spent about $3 on this one.  Hmmmm....maybe I need to make another trip to DI and see if I can find some colored glass plates or cool candlestick holders.


Pokey said...

i love these, it is a good idea to use the shaker in the middle, too. Very cool!

Rachelle said...

carrie!!!!! this was soooooooo cute! i am putting this on my project to-do list. thanks for sharing. you always do the most adorable things. :) hope you have a great summer!