Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Loving Fall....and finding happiness!

 This is one of my favorite quotes.  Life certainly can be stressful and hard, especially this time of year.  I try to remember that I can control my attitude to a certain extent.  It helps get through the tough times if you try to think about positive things and find happiness in the little things in life.  I've been trying to think of things I'm thankful for this time of year.  
 We've been looking for a little space heater for the front room.  I love this one...found it at Sams Club.  We keep the heat down and wear hoodies at our house.  I know a lot of people do the same thing.  Just hate to have those high heating bills!
 We put up this baby gate about a year ago.  At first it was really for the young grandkids, but we found it's great to keep the dogs upstairs when someone comes to the door.  I'm really an animal you can tell from some of my posts.  I just love Max and Molly.  They keep me company as I work from home.  But I believe that you have to be a responsible pet owner.  Why am I mentioning this?  Our neighbors across the street have a Blue Heeler that is really mean!  I took out the garbgage Monday morning and it came running across the street 90 miles per hours barking so aggressively.  The owner was yelling for it to come back, and I just stood there frozen in fear.  His nose hit my leg so hard.  I'm amazed he didn't bite me.  We hear screams all the time from people walking down the street when that dog attacks them.  It's come after us as so many times when we get the mail or walk out to our cars.  Why can't they obey the leash laws and fence their backyard to let the dogs out?  Grrrrr!!  Okay, done venting.
I did get a new hair cut and color.  It's Fall colors this purple!  I'm loving it.


Me said...

oh blonde spikies! love. i am thankful you're leg did not get eaten.

Gari said...

I so understand your concern about the dog. I feel that way when we walk our dogs (on leads) and others have their dogs free and see no problem with it. Some people!