Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beautiful Day For A Ride

 Gary and I took a ride up Spanish Fork Canyon Saturday.  It was great weather...about 65 degrees.  When we got to the unloading area there were 4 other units.  When we left there were 15.  It was a busy day up there.  Guess everyone had the same idea.
 I wish I had a good book and a few hours to spend on this log.
 I got to use the new gloves Gary gave me for Christmas.  Love them!
 There were lots of people camping this weekend.  I loved the smell of the campfires.  Oh....I want to go camping so bad!  I think it's the earliest in the year that we've crossed the river to go up to the reservoir.  The water level was really low for May.  It was really dry and dusty.  Gary let me go first so I didn't have to "eat his dust."
Perfect day.  Can't wait to go again.

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