Thursday, June 9, 2016

June Already......Time is Flying By!

 I stopped by my parents house on my way home from work last Saturday.  Dad was out pruning his roses while Mom was at the store with my sister.  (I forgot how many rose bushes he has!)  He cut me a bouquet to bring home.  They smelled heavenly and were beautiful.  I really enjoyed having them out on my kitchen table this last week.  After he cut them we went in the house and visited.  It was a great time listening to Dad tell stories.  I miss that.  Made me realize that I need to stop by more often and visit!
 My parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on May 28th.  We got the whole gang together in the morning for pictures, all 70 of us.  Then we went to their church pavilion and had a luncheon.  My brother, Bryan, put together a slide show of family pictures throughout their life.  It was a tear-jerker!  Then we presented with a quilt with blocks made by everyone in the family.  My sister, Nann, did a great job getting the blocks signed, sewn together and then quilted it!  There are some creative people who made the cutest blocks!  I took pics with my cell phone and will try to get some posted soon.
 I've been sewing!!  Yes, really doing something in my sewing room besides ironing clothes.  I saw a fox quilt on Pinterest and finally bought the pattern.  At first I was just going to make a baby quilt, but then decided to make a throw size too.
 If it looks good, I'll probably enter it in the quilt fair next month.  (We'll see how fast I get things going.)
 I did get kicked out of my seat a couple times by this young man.  He told me it was his turn to sew.  
 And finally, here's a picture of Keegan.  He's such an adorable baby and seems really good natured.  There's nothing like snuggling with a much fun!!

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