Friday, June 13, 2008

Black, white and red.....

This is my latest project. I have been collecting red, white and black fabrics for a couple of months now, and finally have enough to make this quilt. Hopefully the reds all match. I didn't know how hard it was to match those. I've made a couple of quilts with this pattern in the pinks and blacks, but really wanted to try this color combo. Hopefully I'll have the top done this weekend. I love the paisley print, so I think that will be the back.

You know how sometimes you just have to take a break from quilting.......well I'm finally getting over that phase! I spent a couple of hours sorting through fabrics and looking at patterns, and now I'm feeling inspired and ready to sew all night! I wish someone would invent an "odometer" for a sewing machine. It would be fun to see how many miles we sew on our machines!

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Myra said...

Hey Carrie! I haven't checked in for a while!
Thanks for your latest comment on my blog about hiding the scissors!!! I think we all go through that stuff hey!?! LOL!
You are doing wonderfully on your blog! Isn't it fun!
I envy your quilting frame and machine! Wow! Perhaps one day.....
Love the pattern and your fabrics for your red, black and white! I too am collecting those colors for a paper piecing project...when more UFOs are out of the way...
Nice hearing from you!
I shall visit again!
Happy stitching!