Friday, June 20, 2008


I planned on finishing the red/black quilt yesterday.........then in looking through my fabric I found these scraps from a quilt I made last fall. I almost tossed them in the trash, then the idea popped into my head for this design. I didn't get a picture before I put it on the quilt frames. I was too anxious to get is quilted. I hate laying the blocks out and figuring what order to put them in. My son loves that part so I gladly let him help whenever he's home. Sometimes the whole family gets in on it -- and it can get crazy switching things around! If I do it by myself I usually get to the point where I just get tired of looking at it and just scoop it up and sew them together.

It' officially summer. I'm getting so frustrated with a skunk that's in our neighborhood somewhere. It seems like every night for the past week I just get in bed and start nodding off when that horrible smell hits my nose!! We have a dairy down the road from us and there are some days when if the wind is just right we get "dairy air" but I'm used to that. Skunks, however, are a stink I just can't stand!

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Myra said...

Even on the frame I can see that what you have there is a nicey!!! Love the colors!
I too get input from family members when laying things out. Especially DD#2. She is very creative and has a good eye for color and balance.
I hear ya on the skunk stink issue! Sad when you can't have an open window on a nice evening, to feel the gently breezes coming in...
Happy stitchings@