Thursday, July 24, 2008

If it wasn't for

the last minute -- nothing would get done. That is my life motto (just ask my family)! I don't know what it is about the pressure of the last minute, but it really takes that to get me moving sometimes -- okay most of the time. I can't tell you how many Halloween costumes have been done the day before Halloween, or quilts for presents, birthday shopping, and on and on. I seriously drive myself crazy sometimes doing it. It's BOM Saturday and I finished the block today -- 2 whole days before it needs to be done. Maybe I am getting just a tad bit better.
Ha ha!

The blocks are reproduction fabrics, which are kinda fun. Here's the 4 that I have done so far.

I'm suffering from a bad case of blahs. I just don't know what to write about lately. Been kinda in a slump and feeling down. We haven't been camping yet and that is kinda making me sad. We tried last weekend. My husband's truck is in the shop still (4 weeks but who's counting) and so we borrowed my daughter's truck. My parent's have some property where we go, but the road is super steep to get in. Well, we got half-way up (in 4-wheel drive) and couldn't go anymore. We are on an S-curve with the trailer behind us and I was scared! Gary was able to back it back down the mountain. We took out a tree and went off the side of the road a bit, but made it safely, though shaken a bit! So, back home again. I've loaded that darn trailer 3 times to go now.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering why I saw you driving back home last weekend. Sorry that you didn't get to camp.

Your blocks look good. Tracy did hers last night too. I think that's an interesting pattern. It looks kind of like a lazy person's version of paper piecing.

Maybe it's the summer blahs where you really need a holiday off work but there isn't one until September. That's how I'm feeling.


Tracy said...

Your blocks look good! I finally did mine last night. I had Mom do my block last month. This month I have no excuse. It was fun to sit and sew. I think that I really need a sewing day.
I guess this is what you call the dog days of summer. Tired as a dog, sweating like a dog, and lazy like an old dog. Maybe we need a good thunder and rain storm to stir things up.

jamie said...

I think I get the last minute thing from you :) Thanks for letting us use your trailer hopefully it you who gets to use it next time.

Myra said...

They look wonderful! You did a wonderful job! 8-)