Thursday, July 17, 2008

Horse play

This is my hubby's horse. After work he likes to go out back, brush her and work with her a bit. He calls her "Stinky" but I call her Maggie after one of Rod Stewart's songs. Before we bought her she was in a field with 3 male horses. They all stood back and let her eat first, so I figured she was a tough broad who needed a name to match. She is actually the sweetest horse with the softest, velvet nose. I can't go out when Gary is saddling her because she gets distracted. I'm the carrot lady and she wants her treats! If you don't give them to her fast enough she'll grab your clothes with her lips to get your attention! Gary used to ride horses bareback all summer when he was younger. Some of our first dates were horseback riding up Hobble Creek Canyon. I'm reminiscing a bit today because tomorrow, July 18th, is our 28th wedding anniversary. It seems like the years have flown by -- good and bad times we've shared together. What a wonderful man I have been blessed to share my life with -- and I'm still madly in love with him!


Anonymous said...


Wow, I can't believe it's been 28 years. Here's to many more! Love you guys!

Love, Kathy

Myra said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today, and happy anniversary to you! 8-)
It had been a while since I had looked in on you. You've been busy girl! Wow!
Love your sister's quilt! Did you quilt it free-motion, or is that a quilting pattern you followed. Love it!
That little charm pack quilt is quite charming...hehehe... I have a couple of charm packs waiting for my attention, but still toooo much to get done first.
Cute doggies you have. I laughed when I read about the female going through dogopaus... cute!
Lovely horse! Scared of horsed myself, but dream of going on a 3-4 day trail ride one day....IF I get over my fear!!!
Happy stitchings!

Sandy Buffington said...

Ya'll are so freakin' cute!
Happy anniversary!