Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Done!

Yeah! I finished it up this morning. My quilting machine is a Juki 1/2 long arm. It's wonderful - but since the opening isn't as big a long arm, I have to do a smaller pattern when quilting queen and king quilts. Maybe it's better in the end because there seems to be more stitching and it will hold up to wear better. I have so many quilt tops/bottoms ready to be done for my sisters or me that I decided I just have to keep one on all the time. I find it relaxing to spend a couple of hours a day machine quilting -- probably because I spend the time meditating about life! I got new shelves in my sewing room a couple of weeks ago. I really like the baskets. It's so handy to keep a project all together in one basket and pull it out when I am ready to work on it. I seem am very disorganized and lose things a lot (just ask my kids!) so this has really helped. My sewing closet is semi-organized. I keep stuffing things in. My daughter, Jamie, and I made a pact. I told her if anything ever happens to me she needs to clean out my sewing closet before my husband sees it, and I will do the same for her. I'm sure our husbands have an idea that we stash fabric, etc. away -- but I don't think they know just how much!


Anonymous said...

I like your pact with Jamie. We need to do one with Mom. She said that in the new edition she's going to have cabinets under the kitchen pass through and she's going to put fabric in it! We get this fabric problem from our Mother.

Nann-o said...

It looks so wonderful! I can hardly wait to get it in person. You always do such a great job, and even take into consideration all our timing issues.

Love the fabric bins. Now I just need to re-stow all the fabric hanging in my TV room.

jamie said...

We should think of it as part of our food storage, if anything ever happens we can make our own clothes and blankets, we are just very well prepared people. Yes.. thats what we are ha ha ha :)