Sunday, September 7, 2008

Boudin's Sourdough Bread

I got a surprise package Friday morning. My sister from Las Vegas sent me some sourdough bread for my B-day. Oh my gosh -- talk about knowing how to make me happy. I was drooling before I could eve get the box open. When my sisters and Iwent to San Francisco 6 years ago the first place we went was Boudin's Bakery. They were all ordering sandwiches and bread bowls with soup. I just wanted sourdough bread and butter. I think they thought I was crazy, but I just love the bread and didn't want anything else. Needless to say, I have eaten it for every meal for the past few days. Thanks Dena!!
I'm really hooked on the hexagon blocks. I bought this fun Halloween/Fall Jelly Roll at the Moonlight Madness sale at the local fabric shop. I'm loving' the look of them in the fall fabrics and can't wait to get the quilt done. It's for my entry way. I must say that Halloween is now by 2nd favorite holiday - with Christmas still at #1.
Gary and I did a batch of salsa this weekend. We still need to do a couple more batches this week. I love the smell of it cooking, mmmm. We still go through a lot of salsa and pickles, even with only 3 of us at home most of the time now. I send bottles home with the kids when the come over.
I bought some cases of food storage last week. I love to get them all organized. I have to laugh at myself because I like to make the labels to face forward -- maybe a touch of OCD?? I keep thinking that one of these days I will unload the shelves and get them painted. My son built them for us 5-6 years ago and we put them to use right away. We have a huge storage room and the shelves are along 2 walls of it. I use part of them for scrapbooking stuff, fabric, suitcases, etc.
What is it about fall that makes me want to fill up these shelves with food? Does anyone else get that way in the fall? Must be a "squirrel gene" wanting to get my winter's supply.


Dena said...

Wow, your food storage makes me jealous. I just love those food racks! I need to reorganize my food storage and build it up.

I'm glad you enjoyed your Boudin's sourdough bread. You can eat other sourdough but it doesn't match up to Boudin's.

Love you Sis!

Nedra said...

I was raised outside of San Francisco. When we go home, we always go to Fisherman's wharf and get sourdough bread and walk around eating while looking at sights. There's nothing like it anywhere else in the world. I have yet to find a sourdough I like as much. Your food storage looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Mmm... Boudin's. YUM! Are you hording it all to yourself or sharing with Gary and Jaycee? Joe's sister is going to Cali next weekend and said she was going to bring some back for me.

MYRA said...

Mmmmmmmm sourdough bread...
Great looking hexagons!
Yummy salsa... used to make my own also...
I am not near your organization in the pantry...not at all!
Happy stitchings!