Friday, September 5, 2008

Last weekend

We went camping with our family -- as in our 5 children and their families. It was so much fun. Saturday while waiting for everyone to arrive (and Gary had gone back to work for a bit) I went on three 4-wheeler rides by myself. It was so peaceful just to be out there in nature, so beautiful. There are cows that graze up the canyon in the summer, so I really didn't feel all alone. Sometimes you have a stare-down with them on who owns the road, but we just go real slow around them. There was a huge bull up there this weekend. He could hardly walk. He was fun to watch.
It's cool how the mountains change from brown to red. Usually all the red mountains are in Southern Utah. This is the main road and then there are 4-wheeler trails that break off from it. One goes up to Smith Reservoir and is a fun ride. I can't belive I have lived here all my life and never knew this canyon existed!
My sister, Nann, made this Christmas countdown for me for my B-day. I love it! Sorry, not a very good picture. I need to figure out how to adjust my camera.
I haven't had time to do very much sewing or quilting the past couple of weeks. I was in the process of quitting one job and starting a new job. I'm working for my previous boss at a new hospital corporation. She is awesome to work for and I'm loving the new job!! Life is good:)

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad all of your kids went camping with you. I hope you all had fun.

That's a cute Christmas countdown. I think Joe wouldn't let me put up anything like that. :)