Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm A Stamp Licker

My sister, Tracy, explained this one to me. You have your stampbook and every time something goes wrong you lick that stamp and put it in your book. You save them up. Then one day your book gets full and something happens -- you put that last stamp in your book and you blow up!! And usually that last stamp is for something insignificant -- but it filled up your book and you have a meltdown. I filled up my stampbook on Friday and came unglued. It wouldn't have been so bad, but I did it in front of my husband. Darn it -- why couldn't it had happened when I was all alone and could yell at the walls and be done with it.

I spent most of the day today sewing with my daughter Jamie. My other daughter, Jodi, came over and she scrapbooked while we sewed. We watched a few chick flicks and talked. It was a pretty productive day and enjoyable day-- and it feels so good to have a new, EMPTY stampbook!


Sandy Buffington said...

Well at least your stamp book can hold 5,000... mine holds about 10.

MYRA said...

I don't collect stamps, so I can't relate... Maybe that is a good thing? LOL!
Great that you spent some quality time with your girls, and were all productive! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Nedra said...

I've never heard the stamp book outlet. Sounds good to me! Maybe being with your husband is the best place to blow a gasget. Your day with your girls sounds wonderful. None of mine quilt, so I'm envious!