Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Buzz Saw Blocks

I bought the book "Stash-Buster Quilts" by Lynne Edwards. I just had to try this Buzz-Saw pattern in the darker fall shades. I got quite a few blocks done this weekend. I really don't know why I started this one when I have the blocks to two other quilts part-way done and waiting to be finished. I think I have quilting ADD (attention-deficit disorder). I can't stay with one project for too long before I have to try something else -- then I go back to the other project eventually and finish it. I think that is the reason I prefer baby and lap size quilts. I get bored with them and want to try a new pattern.
Here a couple of pictures my husband took up the canyon last weekend. I think we'll have to go for a drive Sunday to enjoy the fall leaves.

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MYRA said...

Great blocks you got going there! Love it! 8-)
The mind needs a change every so often, and some more than others... I got 3 UFOs done, and now I am playing for a bit with new stuff, in a week I shall tackle another UFO...etcetera, etcetera.... 8-)
Great photos!
Happy stitchings!