Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Colors

I got this quilt off the frames on Thursday -- Yeah! It turned about better than I thought it would. I really like the feather quilting. Now I can give it back to my sister to bind and use.
Thursday afternoon my husband got off work in the afternoon and we took a quick ride up Springville Canyon over Camel's back. I'm not real sure the name of the road. It comes out in Provo Canyon at Squaw Peak. We went about half-way today. This is the ride we took a few weeks ago with all of our kids. It's so beautiful, but the road is really rough and rocky. My back had been bothering me since that last ride, but I was determined to go and see the fall leaves. I think the road was even worse this time. Both Gary and I are sore and stiff today, but the view of the fall colors was worth it!

If you click on the above picture you can see the lines in the mountains. I took this ride 30 years ago with my sister Dena and my grandpa. He told us a story about how during the depression when so many were out of work, President Roosevelt created the the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps). They employed young men to go up in the mountain and dig terraces in to the mountainside to stop erosion and mudslides, and help the mountain snowpack melt slower in the spring to prevent flooding. Grandpa was one of those young men. We can see the lines in the mountains from our house, but it's really interesting to see them up close. I can't even imagine how hard that would have been to dig all those terraces. I wish he would have gone into better detail about it, but he was a man of few words.
It is a breathtaking view! I think it is the prettiest place on earth.
In this one you can see part of the road we ride on.
You can see Utah Lake in the distance.

I haven't been on this road since that ride with grandpa and Dena until this year. I forgot how beautiful it is up there -- and it's really not that far away. Guess I got busy raising a family and working. I can't believe how much fun we have had this summer riding the 4-wheelers with our family. We pack a lunch and have a picnic. Sometimes we just pull off the road and let the machines rest while we talk and laugh.


MYRA said...

The quilt and the feather quilting looks great! You did an awesome job!
Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos! My husband asked me if I want to move out there... LOL! If only!?!

Nedra said...

We don't have the beautiful fall colors here in St. George and I miss them, so thanks for sharing the photos.

Dena said...

My in-laws are here this weekend and Lolly was talking about this road yesterday. Every time I think about that road I remember the ride with Grandpa. He didn't talk much but I did enjoy his story. I think that was the only time I went anywhere with him, so it is quite a memory. Did you take a shovel with you? I remember he made sure we had one just in case. Thanks for the pictures!