Monday, November 3, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by Nedra. Go to the 4th folder and post the 4th picture -- my sisters quilt.
1. Post the rules on your blog.
2. Answer the six "8" items
3. Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment.

8 Favorite T.V. Shows:
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Brothers and Sisters
3. Biggest Loser
4. Deal or No Deal
5. Extreme Makeover - Home Edition
6. My Own Worst Enemy
7. CSI
8. Without a Trace
8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Slept in -- love the time change!
2. Worked for 7 hours
3. Blogged
4. Ate roast, potatoes and carrots my husband fixed while I was working.
5. Read a few quilt magazines
6. Watched TV
7. Did some of laundry
8. Cleaned my sewing table.
8 Things I look forward to:
1. Having more time to quilt.
2. New grandbaby coming in June (daughter Jamie is expecting her 2nd).
3. Cool weather so we can build a fire in our family room fireplace.
4. Traveling with my family.
5. Thanksgiving and Christmas.
6. Remodeling my bathroom
7. Painting all the bedrooms upstairs.
8. Getting a new sewing room when I take over my son room when he gets married in December!!!! I have it all planned out.
8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. Sizzler
2. China Lily
3. Boudins in San Francisco
4. Olive Garden
5. Brick Oven
6. Macaroni Grill
7. Bajio Mexican Grill
8. The Truck Stop
8 Things on my Wish List
1. Buy some property and build a cabin for my family.
2. Get a new digital camera.
3. Buy a new quilting machine.
4. Move to small town in Southern Utah.
5. Retirement and having my time to quilt.
6. Travel to Scotland, England, and Australia.
7. Go on a cruise with my children and grandchildren.
8. Spending more time with my family.
8 People to Tag
1. Blog in the Buff (Sandy)
2. Mommie Marzie (Kathy)
3. Schiess Family Weblog
4. Tactile Pleasures fabric (Myra)


Sandy Buffington said...

Love the 2nd thing on your "things I look forward to." I bet Eden is so excited!

MYRA said...

Sigh... OK, ya got me, I'll play... One question though, I don't understand what I am supposed to find? 4th folder? 4th photo? Where?

Nedra said...

Thanks for answering my tag! It's so fun to learn more about you. And the Southern Utah town that is on your wish list? Is St. George in the running?

Carrie said...

Wish I could figure out how to reply to comments on this page like my sister does on her blog. In response to Myra on the folders. You go back four folders/posts on your blog and then the 4th picture on the post. Kind of confusing...