Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lost Socks Quilt

I started this one about 3 years ago and finally finished it this year. I'm getting anxious for Christmas to be over so I can get back to fun sewing and quilting. I have 3 new projects lined up for the new year.
We had our family party on my side last night. We had 45 there -- all but 3 of us there. My niece's husband had to stay in Vegas to work, my niece was on a date (where's her priorities?), and my nephew is in Georgia on a mission for our church. My parents just added a new big room onto their house -- finished in time for this party. It was nice to have all the room with so many people.


Nedra said...

I love that sock quilt. I remember that I've seen it before and I think it would be a fun one to make. I'm with you, January is one of my favorite months to get back in my sewing room and finally get something done.

Sandy Buffington said...

The family party was so much fun. I loved how cute Eden was with her sweater. She made sure to come show me a couple times. What a cute girl. Watching Jayda walk across the room was fun too. I can't believe how big she is getting.

I do love that sock quilt. So cute.

Joan said...

I haven't seen a quilt like this before and absolutely love it. What a great way to use up some stash, and a great swap quilt. Thanks for sharing your photo. Happy holidays to you and yours!

GARI said...

I, too, love your lost sock quilt and would love to do one. I also am looking forward to January and fun sewing/quilting. I like making my Christmas/birthday gifts but am ready for creativity rather than deadlines.

mommiemarzie said...

Cute sock quilt!

Did we really have 45 people there? And your family took up one whole wall! I'm glad we have the party so we can focus on our own families on Christmas day.