Monday, December 15, 2008

Antique Ornaments

I mentioned before that we decorate the upstairs tree with antique ornaments. It started after my sister gave all of the siblings some ornaments from my parents early years of marriage. They have ribbons instead of hooks to hang them by. My mom tells the story of walking downtown and buying a few at a time for their tree. We hit the local antique shop every year to add a few more to our collection.
This is a fun one. It's pink and looks like it's from the 60s.
This ornament was made during the war. There was a shortage of metal so they are clear. Usually they put the metal inside to make them colored and shiny.

Another war time ornament. It does have white flocking on the top and bottom.A purple bird --I thought it was hideously ugly when I first saw it, but over the years it has become my favorite and I love to put it in the front of the tree for everyone to see.

This ornament was Gary's grandmothers. Notice the string instead of a hook. The cap is made out of cardboard instead of metal.

I love to sit and look at the different ornaments on the tree and wonder about the history of each. If only they could talk.


Nedra said...

love that purple bird! If you keep it long enough it will be back in, and you will be seeing one on everyones tree!

mommiemarzie said...

I love all of these ornaments! I need to come by and see the tree in person.

MYRA said...

What wonderful ornaments! Now I can't wait to bring out ours... 8-)