Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Random pictures

I went back through old photos trying to find something to put with this post. It just doesn't seem like a post if there's no picture. The first one is from last winter -- my kids and granddaughter playing in the snow.

The second is a sample of my warped sense of humor. When my daughter Jodi graduated from high school a couple of years ago I hung out a big "Congratulations" sign and let her enjoy the moment. Before she got up the next morning I added a dose of reality with the second sign. I got a laugh at how people driving by our house would slow down and sometimes turn around to read it.
I've been getting some more Christmas sewing done. I know I won't get everything I want done, but this is the best I've done in years. I love giving homemade gifts. My husband and daughter are decorating the tree and I'm hiding at the computer. They're trying to get me off the computer. My husband just pointed out that I haven't helped with the tree for years, so I guess I better go join them.

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Nedra said...

I love the room for rent idea! Good to keep your sense of humor through those teenage years!