Saturday, December 6, 2008


I've been working on more Christmas presents. These fun bears have a wheat bag in their belly that you can pop in the microwave and warm up.

I cut out 11 (optimistic??) last Sunday afternoon. We were watching my 5-year-old granddaughter and she was at the counter eating bacon (her favorite food). I was busy pinning the pattern and cutting the fur. Next thing I know Eden says "Grandma you fuzzed my bacon!" Sure enough, that bacon was covered with black fur.
I have to tell the story behind the bear. A couple of years ago we were camping for our annual family reunion. There had been a lot of bear sightings in the campgrounds that summer. Someone told us that they had seen a momma bear and her cub in our campground the day before, so I was a little uneasy. We were all sitting around talking when I hear a bear growling. I looked back in some bushes and saw something black. I shot up out of my chair and zoomed to the trailer -- and I guess the look on my face was priceless. Everyone started laughing at me. It was my dad hiding in the bushes. He had taken a big tin can and some leather. When you pulled on the leather it made a bear growl sound. He got a big kick out of it and I still get teased about it. I saw this pattern last year and had to make the bear for him.

I'm doing another quilt out of this brown/blue fabric. This one was so much easier than the pinwheels I did before. I must say that I'm getting tired of the fabric, so this is probably the last.


Nann-O said...

I missed your face and the bear growling, but it is a family favorite. I love the bears you made. And the baby quilt is really cute.

MYRA said...

The bears are awesome, and the baby quilt, adorable!!! 8-)
Love the grad sign in your other post!!! Too funny, and to the point! LOL!

jamie said...

dad brought the quilt today, so so cute!!