Monday, January 26, 2009

Brrrr...It's cold outside

We had a few foggy mornings around here. It ices everything and makes it so pretty. It's fun to watch it fall off when the sun decides to come out. We had a pretty good snowstorm last night -- wet snow! It makes me want to stay inside and be lazy!
We had a sewing day last Saturday with my mom, sisters, daughters, cousins, etc. I cut out this quilt and got quite a few of the blocks done. I took my camera to take pictures of the other projects but was so involved with my quilt I forgot to take pictures. I quilted it up and then washed it so the centers would fray. Originally I was going to give it to my friend who is expecting a girl soon, but I hate to give a quilt that has been washed already. It's going to my granddaughter, Jayda, instead! I love the browns and pinks!
I've got quite a few quilts waiting to be machine quilted. I have 2 antique quilts for my husband's aunts. I fret about those. I get nervous that I will mess up on them so I just have a hard time putting them on and doing them. Then my sister's friends have some table toppers and lap quilts to be done. I have about 10 of my own hanging in my closet waiting. I really need to quit procrastinating and get some done. I've been wanting a stitch regulator for my quilting machine and finally gave in and bought it last week. I read the instructions (complicated) and then tried to put it on. They sent the wrong plug for my machine so I had to take it back and have them order another one. Hopefully it will be here this week.


Nedra said...

At least you are brave enough to quilt your own things. I'm still sending mine out. I love the pink and brown quilt, which is saying a lot because I basically don't like pink. Somehow the brown just makes it look all better.

jamie said...

So cute!!

Nann-O said...

That quilt is fun. I would give it away - even washed. However, it is sometimes more fun to keep them in the family. Hope the regulator gets in soon.