Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh, how I miss my mind....

I have to confess why I haven't posted for a while. You see, I lost the new camera I got for Christmas a week ago. I'm forever losing things....and it's just getting worse with age. I have looked in everywhere I can think of to find it....drawers, cupboards, closets, coat pockets, etc. I didn't want my daughter (Jamie) to find out I lost it because she gave it to me for Christmas, so this morning I set out on a mission to find the exact same camera so she would never know. I went to 4 stores, every WalMart in the valley. I finally found it. Yes! I came home and took it out of the box and went to plug the battery in by the dining room table - where we always plug in phones, cameras, etc. My husband (home sick this week) was on the phone talking to Jamie about work. I pulled out the dining chair, looked down and there's my camera. It had been hidden by the tablecloth. Gary started laughing so hard. He handed me the phone and I had to explain everything to Jamie.
So, now I can show you what I'm working on. It's a pink and brown quilt with a pattern called "Chocolate Covered Cherries." I'm using a lot of the In The Pink1 and 2 fabrics from Henry Glass.

I don't like how some of the blocks turned out so I went and bought more fabric. I have 17 of 30 made, so hopefully I can sew the rest this afternoon.
I'm having one of those weeks. Besides the camera incident, I chipped a front tooth where I have a filling. It's a white filling so you don't notice it, but the chip looked bad. I called my dentist's office. I couldn't see my regular dentist but they got me into a new dentist. He replaced the filling and everything went well. I got home, looked in the mirror and yes, I had a new filling but the chip was still there. What?? How can you replace that and not fix the chip? Then I tried to eat lunch and that tooth hurts so bad when I chew now. Little things are annoying me. I almost got hit this morning by a man in a truck who had only scraped the driver's side of his front windshield. The assistant principal at my daughter's school called to have a little chat with me. I had a stressful day at work. My husband has been home sick all week. Enough!


Nedra said...

Oh My! Sounds like January had been a challenging month! I'm going to be sending lots of happy thoughts your way and pray things calm down soon. I'm glad you found your camera, and I hope you have time this week to just relax and stitch.

GARI said...

sounds like you need a hug. go wrap yourself up in one of your quilts and get some of those good quilty vibes. You'll feel better. By the way, the camera thing is really funny: DH hasn't been able to find his new camera for almost a year.