Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eden's Big Day

My granddaughter turns 6 today. I celebrate too because 6 years ago today I became a grandmother. I remember holding that tiny pink bundle and falling in love immediately. I've added 2 more wonderful grandkids since then and will add 2 more this summer. Eden gets to go to her mom's ultrasound today and find out if she is having a baby sister or brother. I think it's a boy. I'll let you know tomorrow.
This is a picture from last year's dance recital.
I checked out a new fabric store yesterday. My sisters and mom have been there and told me about it. It's Gracie Lou's in Salem. I bought these fabrics and then the rest of a bolt of a black print. You know you have a serious fabric problem when you have a bolts of fabric in your stash (guilty!). I had to hurry because Jodi had to get to work. I'm going back this weekend so I can spend more time (and money) looking. I tried to get Jodi to drive home so I could look and touch my fabric. I told her if I drove I might swerve the car and get a ticket for DWF -- driving while fondling fabric. She hates driving my "old lady car" so I lost out on that one.
We got a little more snow last night. It is melts fast so this time of year that I really can't complain too much.


Nann said...

It is hard to believe that Eden is 6!! She is so fun to be around and it sounds like her birthday party was fun. Call if you want company at the fabric store. It is a great place. However, I have scaled back my buying so I can buy trinkets for my sisters - alas...

MYRA said...

Happy belated birthday to Eden! She's a sweetie! Doesn't look too happy in your dance costume... We have photos like that too! Everyone does! 8-)
Great fabrics! Nice to have found another fabric store isn't it!?! 8-)
How wonderful that you will be getting a few new babies into the family... Wishing good health to all.
Happy stitchings!