Monday, February 2, 2009

Food Storage and Cooking

This is a quilt made by my great-grandmother. I have it hanging in my bedroom. I love the pastel colors.

I read about the Everyday Food Storage blog in the local newspaper and then saw it on a fellow blogger's site (Nedra). It has some practical, tasty ways to use your food storage for everyday cooking. I went and bought some powdered eggs today so I can try her breakfast egg roll tomorrow. (The egg recipes are in the handout section on the site). I saw the powdered eggs in the Macy's grocery store add last summer but had no idea what to do with them if I bought them. Ta Da! She makes it so easy. There are lots of ideas for using wheat that I want to try. My mom has always make homemade wheat bread. That's what we were raised on. I'm sad to admit I have only made homemade bread a couple of times in my life. I want to try making it....maybe later this week.

I had the morning off and spent it painting my new sewing room. I took some before pictures and will post them when it's all done. I wasn't sure I would like the lavender walls but they look really good. We have carpet coming on Wednesday. I'm getting excited to get it finished. Can't wait to have a sewing day in there.


Nedra said...

I love that site too. It gives practical ideas of how to use our storage. I love her videos too!

MYRA said...

Oh my Carrie! I can't believe I haven't visited you since last I commented!!! Shame on me!!! Big time!!! It has not been intentional... Sheesh! 8-(

Catching up here...
Gorgeous quilt you've got there of your grandmother's hands!! Love it!
Great Valentine table topper, and that antique quilt top is awesome! Your quilting is lovely... 8-)
Love your funny camera incident! Those things happen! We had a similar situation with a leather jacket lately... lol!
Your "Chocolate Covered Cherries" blocks are great! I look forward to seeing the finished top... 8-)
That be it for now!
Hope all is well with you!
Happy stitchings...