Friday, February 27, 2009

Paper Doll Quilt

My mom and sister bought some of this paper doll fabric to make quilts. There's a pattern in the January/February Fons and Porter Magazine. I loved it and so bought 2 yards of the dolls and clothes about a month ago. You can't find it anywhere now. My husband just ordered some for his store (here in April!!). The salesman said it is the hottest fabric in the country right now and they are reprinting it. I had to use some matching fabric because I couldn't find any of the doll fabric line -- but I think it turned out good. My mom (smart lady) figured out that if you cut the corners on the template and then use a matching fabric for the corners you can get more dolls out of your fabric. I think it looks better this way too. I'll post a better picture soon of the template.
I got the pocket sewn on the back last night. I added some rick-rack to dress it up. You put the doll clothes in the pocket.
I've been cutting out paper dolls and clothes for 2 weeks now -- and yes, I am sick of them! I need to make a little bag to put them in. What a cute idea to keep little girls busy in the car or at church.
I've had a little bit of "spring fever" this week. Love the blue sky we have been having!
We even got the 4-wheelers out and rode them around the block a few times. I'm sure our neighbors love the noise.
I neglected Maggie all winter. I was just too cold and snowy to trod the path out to the barn to feed her carrots. Now that it's warmer I've been doing it again. She remembers me! If I go outside without carrots I'm in big trouble. Gary went to put a roast in the oven Sunday and couldn't figure out where the huge bag of carrots he bought went. I had to fess up.


Sandy Buffington said...

love the paper doll quilt. SO cute!

Nedra said...

When I was at Bryce last week another woman brought her paper doll quilt, complete with pocket on the back like yours. What a wonderful present for a little girl.

Nann said...

I will have to show you the hard sided holder. I have some cut masonite I will give you. Your quilt is adorable. I picked up the same fabric for the back of mine as I have used what I bought to make the doll holders.

mommiemarzie said...

Your quilt turned out so cute! I'm glad that they are reprinting the fabric.

I've got spring fever too. I was so happy to see all the bulbs sprouting and popping up out of the ground.

jamie said...

Eden loves her dolls she has played with them everyday. she lines them all up first then dresses them so cute!!

MYRA said...

The paper doll quilt is awesome! Love it!
Nice looking horse there! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Anonymous said...

Hi from a quilter in Amarillo. I was lucky enough on a trip to find a small shop that had the doll fabric. Did you know there is a transparent velcro? You can put the hook on the dolls (just a small patch) and the loop on the dresses. You don't even notice it when dresses are off and it is soft and not scratchy. Works a treat!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Cool, A new blog to read.
hi, I saw your paper doll quilt. I have recently bought the fabric, but I have no directions.
Can you tell me, did you fuse the dolls to the blocks? do you use velco to fasten the clothes? I love the pocket ideal.
and I LOVE the new purple hair!! You rock!

Debbie Kelly said...

I love the fabric etc. so are you using the quilt for the dolls to put dresses on or is this just a little doll quilt then I see the cut outs are a small piece of you sew n then turn it right side out ? You have done a nice job on this if you could maybe you could let me know how you did it as I am stuck on this project Thanks. Sincerely Debbie Kelly