Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fun Easter Table Topper

Nann and Tracy (my sisters) had a sewing day Saturday. Tracy made me this table topper. I quilted it up Sunday while watching conference. I just LOVE conference weekend. It's so nice to listen to the talks and sew or quilt. (For those not LDS -- semiannual church wide meetings broadcast on TV.) I remember when I was younger Mom would put on a quilt and we would spend the weekend quilting together with mom and the girls. I also used to do handwork like embroidering dishtowels, etc. It's just not conference weekend for me unless I spend it this way.
We got this fabric in at Gary's store. I fussy cut squares and then made a quilt. I tried at least 100 times to get a good picture of it. :( I need to get out my camera manual and read up on it. I finished machine quilting it this weekend, and now we can make kits to sell at the store. I think we'll call it the "Outdoor Hunk Quilt."
It was a fun one -- what's not to love about cuddling up with so many good looking, muscular men?


Nedra said...

Loved both the quilts Carrie. The hunky guys one is a hoot. I made my single daughter in Arizona a pillowcase with Hunky cowboy guys for her pillow. It had seguaro cactus that fits her area.

Sandy Buffington said...

The "Outdoor Hunk Quilt" reminds me of those speedo men shorts you made me and Jodi. I love it....

I totally want some pj's made out of this. So funny!

MYRA said...

Cute Easter quilt, and just in time! 8-)

Love the "hunk" quilt! What a great gift that would make for a young single gal...8-)

Happy stitchings!

Anonymous said...

The HUNK quilt is awesome! i agree with Sandy, some PJs would be awesome. :)