Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fun Spring Quilt

I bought a bundle of fabrics at a sale awhile ago and haven't known what to do with them until now. I saw this pattern in an April quilt magazine and thought I'd give it a try.
I love triangles. The blocks sew together so quick and easy. I'm thinking about doing a full size quilt for my daughter's bed. She wants black, red, and whites -- which could be really fun in this pattern.
When I get it bound I'll hang it in the entry way for spring -- if spring ever decides to come and stay.


Nedra said...

I love your fabric choices. I just got that magaizine too, and that is one pattern I would make also.

MYRA said...

Something different! That is great Carrie! Love it! B&W&R will look awesome in triangles such as this! 8-)
Happy Easter!

GARI said...

That is really neat. And it will look so elegant in black, white and red.