Saturday, May 2, 2009

Purse Quilt

This is my latest project. I had planned to get a lot of sewing done today -- but that didn't happen. I did get 10 blocks done and used 9 of them to make a baby sized quilt. I've got it on the quilting machine and plan on getting is done this weekend. The fabrics are the Moda line with the shoes. I think it's called Objects of Desire. I love the florals -- so cute.
A sign of spring -- Yeah! Gary got the trailer out and parked it in the backyard so we can get it unwinterized, cleaned, packed, and ready to go. Hopefully we'll use it a lot this summer.
My Las Vegas cousins Tonya & Pam, and Pam's daughter Krystal were in town this week for Women's Conference at BYU. Last night my mom, sisters, and I met them for dinner. Then we went to Mom's, played a game, and talked. It was so good to see them. Can't wait for the family reunion this summer to see them again and play games -- I'm sitting by Krystal again so we can cheat - ha ha!!


Nedra said...

Those are very cute purses. Are they Buggy Barn by chance?

Sandy Buffington said...

Now we know your secret...

I love the purse quilt. So cute!

MYRA said...

Great pattern and fabrics! 8-)

Getting together with family you don't see often is great! Doesn't ever happen enough most times... 8-)

Great camper! I would like to have one, but DH isn't too keen... 8-(

Happy stitchings!