Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life Is a Bowl of Cherries!

I have the sweetest visiting teacher (from our church)! Every month she drops by the most creative thoughts and treats. She brought these cherries in the cutest little bowl -- almost too cute to eat! She has been through chemotherapy this last year but has never missed a month without at least calling me. I feel like I should be the one checking in on her.
We've been waiting and waiting for the doll fabric to get in at my husband's store. It's finally here -- and now I'm trying to muster up some enthusiasm to make some quilts out of it for the granddaughters. . . sigh.
We are still waiting for our little grandson to arrive this week. Looks like he will have a July birthday.
P.S. Be sure to visit Nedra's blog for fun give aways all week. This is one of my favorite quilt blogs to follow!


Nedra said...

Tell me about your husband's store? What is the name of it and where is it located?
Cute fabric.

Hone Family as in Ryan and Ashley said...

YEAHHH!!!!!!! I love the doll quilts! They are my absolute favorite. So cute!

Myra said...

Darling little bowl of cherries! 8-)

I do look forward to what you will do with that doll fabric Carrie! Very curious...

Happy stitchings!