Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Plan C

I've been looking forward to some time off work for months. I took Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off this week.

Plan A: Take the trailer out camping. No go! Jaycee couldn't miss anymore summer school and Gary had a big delivery he had to take to St. George Tuesday. No problem, new plan.

Plan B: Plenty of sewing/quilting projects to keep me busy. Good time to finish the touch up painting in the downstairs bathroom and hallway. Maybe I'll even have time to paint our bedroom. Didn't happen.

Plan C: Fever, chills, body aches and bad chest cold. I spent my time off in bed feeling awful.

My girls had scheduled appointments for pedicures for all of us today, taking me out for a Mother's Day present. Then we were going to Olive Garden for lunch. They felt bad going without me, but I told them to. I knew Jamie really wanted a pedicure before her baby gets here. Their toes look so cute! Maybe next month we can give it another try.


Nedra said...

Get better soon! Those summer colds can hang on and be such a bother.

jamie said...

Next month for sure! I was glad to get the pedicure so at least part of me feels cute :)

Myra said...

Oh no! What a disappointing time off for you Carrie!!! I'm sorry your plans did not work out for you... I hope you are feeling better by now... Take care...