Friday, July 17, 2009

Lunch today.....

Nummy peas fresh from our garden! I love this time of year when the garden starts producing. We've gotten lots of zucchini, beets, peas, and a couple of tiny cucumbers. The tomato plants are loaded but none have turned red yet. I can't wait for that first bacon tomato sandwich of summer. . . .mmmmm!
More exciting news - we have our new granddaughter, Brooklynne. She was born about 1:10 this morning and weighs 6 pounds, 18 inches long. I haven't been to see her yet. She had problems breathing - her lungs aren't developed enough, so she's in the newborn ICU. Hopefully we can go take a peek at her later today.
Two weeks ago my new grandson, Jack, spent 3 days in the NICU for breathing problems too! So crazy that both of them have had problems. We were expecting 2 routine births - just a little more excitement than we wanted. He's doing great now, and we are praying for Brooklynne to start doing better real soon.

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Sandy Buffington said...

Mouth. Watering. I. Want. Peas.

We are so excited that Brooklynne is here! Can't wait to see pictures!