Sunday, July 19, 2009

Second addition to the family this month!

Gary and I went to see the newest addition to the family today. She's so tiny and adorable. This one belongs to our oldest son, Jared, and his wife LaraLeigh.
This is the correct spelling of her name -- I spelled it wrong in my last post. . . oops!
When she was just born and they were poking her and hooking her up to machines, Jared held his hands on her head and chest. That was the only thing that would calm her down. He said he did it four about 4 hours straight. She looks so small compared to her dad's hands, but her dad does have big hands!
Had to get her feet too!
She opened her eyes for us for a few minutes. Even though we couldn't hold her, it was fun to let her wrap her tiny fingers around one of our fingers and touch her cheek.
I think she looks a lot like her big sister, Jayda.


Nedra said...

Congratulations! My son lives in Brooklyn (spelled the other way!)

Rachelle said...

another baby!!! yippee!! oh, she is beautiful!! congrats - what a lucky baby to have you as her nana to spoil her with all your beautiful talents! Congrats Carrie!

Lavada said...

I'm getting jealous! I remember the summer that Tessa and Claire were born. It was such fun. Congratulations to one and all.