Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Quick update for my family and friends. Brookynn had surgery today to put a tube in her liver to drain the abscess. Jared said they would have to leave it in for about 3 days hooked up to suction. They had to sedate her and put her back on the ventilator. They'll keep her sedated the rest of the day. Things went good, so hopefully this will make the infection clear up so she can feel better. It makes me so sad to think of her having to go through all the pokes and pain.
These pictures are from Sunday when Gary and I went to see her. She woke up and we got to see her pretty brown eyes.
When it rains, it pours. My thoughts and prayers are with my Aunt Pat and her family. She's very ill and in the ICU in Las Vegas.


Pam said...

C: thanks for the update on the baby. I've been thinking of you but no time for much around here with mom, work, and I've been sick myself. I hope things are well with the other baby too! They are so cute. congrats. pam

Nanna said...

Thanks for letting us know. I have tried to call Jared but figured he must be with BrookLynn. Let's hope that this is the last major thing she has to go through.

Nedra said...

Your family is really going through health challenges right now. Our prayers are with you.

Rachelle said...

you are all in our prayers. ♥