Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bryce Get-A-Way Part 1

We took off Wednesday morning for a much-needed, and I have to say much-deserved mini vacation. It was just Gary, Jaycee, and me. Things have been so hectic here lately that it felt so good to get away from it all.....if only for a few days.
Bryce Canyon has always been our family's favorite place to camp. We stay in the Red Canyon Campground about 15 miles outside of Bryce.
This was the view from our trailer door. I love the red mountains with the green trees. It was really green this year from all of the rain we've had. It was raining when we pulled into camp the first day. It was soooo cold at night! I love sleeping in the cold with the blanket snuggled under my chin.
Love the smell of the pine trees. It really is the prettiest campground to stay in.
Our table was in the shade most of the day. We had our chairs out there and just relaxed and did absolutely NOTHING! Then we played games and made some hemp bracelets with cool beads. You have to make hemp bracelets at Bryce -- a family tradition.
Home away from home. I love our trailer! It's so nice to have a place to shower every night. That's the only way I'll camp.
Breakfast included bacon, eggs, and toast. Our trailer toaster works pretty good.

Gary's birthday was on Wednesday. Jaycee and I put some "senior moment" tape around the trailer to decorate. It was funny to watch people drive by, slow down, and try to figure out what was going on with the tape. Crime scene -- old age in progress!!Poor guy had to settle for a frozen Ding Dong with a toothpick for a birthday cake.


jamie said...

Camping at bryce was always one of my favorite family things we did, we had so much fun every time we went. We will have to carry on the tradition with eden and jack and for sure go next summer.

Lavada said...

That is the one thing I really miss about Utah. Being able to escape for a few days into the hills. Tennessee is wonderfully green, but no mountains or canyons close by.

Nedra said...

Bryce is my most favorite place out of all the National Parks. We love to hike the Navajo loop right before the sun goes down. Spectacular sunsets!
And the frozen ding dong sounds like a perfect birthday cake while camping!