Monday, August 10, 2009

100th Post

I started my blog in May of 2008, and I'm finally reaching my 100th post. My first visitor to my blog was Myra in Manitoba, Canada. My next blogging friend was Nedra from Southern Utah. I follow these 2 blogs almost every day. I wish I was as ambitious as they are, and posted as much as they do! I love to see their latest projects and what their quilt groups are doing.

I thought about starting a blog after reading my sister's blog. Kathy She moved to Oregon with her family and reading her blog helped us keep up on what they were doing. I kept my blog a secret from my family for the first month. I was hesitant to let anybody read what I was writing. I love to blog now. My family has adjusted to my blogging madness. They make comments like "Mom's going to blog about this" or "This would be good for your blog."

One of my favorite posts was in September of 2008 when I wrote this: "I called my husband at work and told him I would do dinner that night. Well, I got on the computer and starting checking out my favorite blogs and before I knew it he was home and no dinner was even close to being started on. He sniffed the air and said "Blog for dinner??" I'm guessing that won't be the last time that happens." Well, we have had a lot of blog for dinner a lot since then.
I took some pictures of flowers when we were 4-wheeling this weekend. I love the colors found in nature and love to see them in quilts.

We rounded the corner and this cow wasn't sure she wanted to let us by. They seem so much bigger in person. I love it when the calves kick up their heels at us -- what an attitude!My favorite pair of shoes. I would be decked out from head to toe in purple everyday if I could find enough clothes in that color. Gary tried to get a purple 4-wheeler when he bought mine. I love the red one anyway!


Nedra said...

I had no idea I was #2. How fun is that! Yes, blogging is a way of life now, and we are the better because of it!

GARI said...

Maybe for your birthday Gary will get your 4 wheeler painted purple. I think that would be great. Congrats on your 100th blog. This is really addicting, isn't it?

Nann said...

I love reading and catching up. Unfortunately I use this more than the phone to see how you are doing. Keep it going, I love it. (especially as I am not a FaceBook gal.)