Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An eye for an eye

is something I don't believe in. There is a saying that it only makes the whole world blind. An ear for an ear on the other hand - I think that's only fair. We are positive now that one of our brown chickens is really a rooster. Yup, Tough Nugget looks and sounds like a rooster for sure. For the last week or so he has started our day with about 6-7 Cock-A-Doodle-Doos. It sounds a little like a worn out squeaky toy right now - so cute - but it gets stronger every day. I think it's good payback to our backyard neighbor whose dog keeps us up at night with his barking. And I hope our other neighbor, who fights with his girlfriend with such profanity that you have to go inside the house, hears it too. So, every morning at 6:30 a.m. when I hear that Cock-A-Doodle-Doo I get a smile on my face from ear and ear, and I don't mind my natural alarm clock so much.
The egg production is a little slow, but steady. So far it's just the 2 black/white chickens. Once all 5 start laying we'll be begging our family to take some.


Nedra said...

You are too funny. Is that what they call "Poetic justice"?

GARI said...

I'd much rather hear the rooster than the other two. I guess that's why we moved to the country: at least 200 yards between houses.

Myra said...

LOL! Love it! An ear for an ear! LOL! Your neighbors will have nothing to complain about in my view! LOL! 8-)
Thanks for the "plug" on your privious post Carrie! I've enjoyed visiting your blog on a regular bases too! 8-)
Blog for dinner!!!? We have that a lot also! LOL!
Good to hear your BrookLynn is doing better. What a little sweetie... How blessed you all are... 8-)
Jack is sure a little looker! What a cutie-pie! A happy looking little guy...
Awesome photos from your Bryce get-a-way! What color to behold! Wow!
Well, I think I am all caught up now Carrie. I have been quite absent from my blog hopping this last month...
Have a great weekend!