Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bryce Part 2

Our favorite lookout spot is right across from Bryce Lodge. When you walk up to the rim it takes your breath away to see the earth just drop off right before your eyes. It is scary to think there is no guardrail at this point to stop you from going over.
I love the view -- but hate the queasy feeling in my stomach. I must say that it is easier now that I'm not hanging on for dear life to one of my kid's hands. When they were little they always used to tell me I was squishing their hands (and I was) but they had no fear of the edge!

This is the lookout at the farthest point at the end of the road -- literally out in the middle of nowhere. Funny thing is Jaycee loved it here because she got phone service (can't figure out how) and she was texting as fast as she could!

We took a side road in Red Canyon and found a 4-wheeling trail we are going to try out next time we go. This is a bridge on that trail. We walked up the trail and bit and it was so pretty.
Every year since the kids were just tots we have taken their picture on this pony at Ruby's Inn. It's lost it's saddle and is worn smooth from all the hands touching it. We tried to coax Jaycee to hop on for a picture, but now that she's 14 it's just not cool anymore.
Until next time......


Nedra said...

Seeing your pictures makes me want to run away to Bryce. Especially to get out of this St.George heat. I'll have to wait until February when I go there for Bonnie's retreat.

jamie said...

I can't believe that horse is still there!! We need to plan a trip next year with the whole family like the old times, You can squish Edens hand for me :)