Monday, August 24, 2009

Family Reunion

We had our big family reunion on the Orme side this last weekend. It was so fun to see aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. This is the trailer our son Jon and his wife Bekkah took. It's the same trailer Gary's family used to camp in when he was young. We took it to Bryce Canyon on our honeymoon 29 years ago. We replaced the tent part years ago. Jon has done a few updates in the last couple of years. Still going strong........
We made dog tag and washer necklaces. It was a lot of fun. We had alphabet punches they could do their names or words with. These are drying in the sun.
Washer with scrapbook paper and Glossy Accents. We had black cord to make them into necklaces. Emily is showing off her necklaces.
Of course, no camping trip is complete without Jiffy Pop. Gary's a pro at making it.
Bekkah, Jayda, and Jaycee in the trailer.

This is a quick family picture of my parents and siblings. From left to right: Dad, Mom, Nann, me, Tracy, Dena, Bryan, Jenny, Karl, and Kathy.
**Michelle if you read this -- I cropped the picture from the chest up just for you!!
Brandon made a pirate boat and sang pirate songs while he built it.
Brandon and my nephew Kyle. I think they played so hard they fell asleep the minute their heads hit the pillows.

Brandon and Jayda.
Eden and her snake. My aunt brought these wooden snakes for the kids to color. They had so much fun with them.

Jamie and Jack drove down with Aunt Nanna to spend the day. I just love kissing his cute cheeks.
Jaycee caught her first fish!! With her bare hands. Then she let him go again and watched him swim away.


Lavada said...

I loved the family shot. I haven't seen all of you together since my mother died and then your parents weren't there. In fact, I can't remember the last time I saw your parents. It was great seeing all your faces.

Kathy said...

Thanks for cropping the picture chest up! My super dirty pants don't show. (They came clean in the wash, thankfully!)

Thanks for all your craftiness with the necklaces. My kids are still wearing them and I'll wear mine on jeans day at work.

Micki said...

Nice family pics and the necklaces are so nice.