Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I got to hold BrookLynn yesterday and feed her a bottle. It was the first time I've held her, and she's a month old now. She's doing really good. She still has the Broviac in her chest, and then the other monitoring lines. I was so worried about the lines coming out while I held her. She had the sweetest nurse today who helped me. You can tell she really loves the babies.
Jack is getting so big. I got to cuddle him for a bit this morning.
I'm really loving having 2 grandbabies at once.
Eden starts first grade Friday. She lost 2 front teeth in the past week or so.
She needs to eat spaghetti so she can slurp the noodles in the space between her teeth!


Myra said...

Oh my... BrookLynn is filling out quite nicely... She is so precious... Must have felt wonderful to finally be able to hold her. 8-)

Jack and BrookLynn will have such fun playing together at family gatherings in the future. Cousins... something my children never had, or will have, on either side of the family...

Good for Eden with her missing teeth! Spaghetti would be even more fun to slurp up now... lol!

Great quilt and interesting animal photos from the country fair!

Nedra said...

So glad she's well enough now to hold!

Nann said...

I am so thrilled you finally got to hold BrookLynn. I know Jared is hopeful she will come home soon.

Eden sure hung onto that first loose tooth for a LOOONNNGGG time. Glad it is out ant the second one was easier. I can't believe how big baby Jack is getting.