Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A few days away......

Reading my book in the middle of the afternoon and not feeling guilty...not one bit!
Hotel room with the most comfortable mattress and pillows ever!!! Great for an afternoon nap.
Little veranda that was perfect for reading....until it got too hot.

Gary and I took a few days off work and headed south for some much needed relaxation. I always tease Gary that he is married to his job because it is so hard for him to take time off -- but he managed to get away (thanks Jamie for working while we were gone!) We had such an enjoyable, relaxing few days. He drove me around to a few quilt shops in the area. We bought ourselves some new clothes and shoes. We took an afternoon drive. He picked where to eat one night and I picked the next night. It was fun not to have an agenda and to just take it easy.

I bought this pattern and fabric in one in one of the quilt shops. I can't wait to start it. Then I found fabric for the backs of 2 tops I have ready to quilt.
A new book by Nancy Halverson -- love her books! She has the best Christmas patterns for neighbor gifts and decorating your home.
I little skull fabric for Jaycee!
I made this Halloween table topper last week before we left. When we got home we dug out the Halloween boxes and decorated. I'm ready for Halloween.....except for the candy. If I buy that now we eat it...ALL of it!

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Nedra said...

Were you in St.George? And here I am in Park City. It sounds like you had a great time.